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Sustainable Energy Analytics Inc. (“SEA”) will provide the services and deliverables listed above. SEA does not warrant or guarantee the performance of any recommendation by SEA or any other product or service provided by others or as referenced in it’s delivered documents. SEA is not a licensed professional engineer, electrician, or plumber and our recommendations should not be considered in lieu of their professional advice. Local building codes and ordinances take precedence over any SEA recommendation. SEA makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all recommendations are consistent with building science best practices and local building codes.


Client must provide a minimum of 3 days notice for site visits. Missed site visits by the Client or if the site is not ready for inspection or testing will incur a minimum fee of $250 per unit. Test failures, remediation work, additional equipment, guarded testing and extra personnel for testing will incur additional fees at an hourly rate of $150/hr. Mass Save Programs are subject to change at any time. Rebates, subsidies and credits quoted or referenced at project initiation may not be available at project completion. Unpaid invoices may be subject to interest charges, a lien placed on the property and small claims court.