Quality Information for Energy Conservation

Goal Achieved

Chungha Cha - Susterra Partners

Thank you for all your help on the Boston home.  This is confirmation that we achieved one of our major objectives of getting the highest Energy Star and MASS Save for New Homes rating … Tier III!  I will receive some money $4,000 per each unit X 2 units = $8,000 for this achievement!  More importantly than the money support, it is a great milestone that we have achieved together … with all your creative minds and hard work in the field … building one of the best energy efficient homes in Somerville.  Thank you once again for all your hard work … and, may GOD bless!!~

1stFloor Unit:  50.33% savings achieved.  Tier III achieved!

2ndFloor Unit:  51.87% savings achieved.  Tier III achieved!!

This is truly GOD at work … working through all of you to make a bold statement and success case for others to follow in the Somerville community and elsewhere.

Thank you again … Merry Christmas and a GOD filled New Year!!~