Quality Information for Energy Conservation

SEA Services for the Homeowners and Builders

SEA offers a full range of energy code and conservation services for builders and occupants of single family, duplex, townhouses, and other wood-framed structures under 4 stories (basements don't count).  We offer a free consultation on your project to determine what service or combination of services is appropriate based on your goals and budget.  All of our services are delivered with the same high quality and collaborative approach and include advice on local, state, and federal Incentive and rebate programs.

For the homeowner we offer:                                                        

  • HERS Ratings for new and existing buildings
  • LEED for Homes, Energystar, MASS Save for Homes Certification
  • High Performance Building Science Advice/Consulting
  • Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code Compliance
  • The Sustainable Energy Roadmap Comprehensive Audit
  • Heating/Cooling System Strategy
  • Blower Door Infiltration Testing
  • Duct System Leakage Testing
  • Home Thermal Imaging Analysis
  • Building Energy Loss, Water, and Ice Dam Diagnostics.
  • Customized Energy Conservation Consulting

For the builder our services are:

  • HERS Ratings for new and existing buildings
  • Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code Compliance support
  • MASS Save for New Homes Certification
  • Energystar for Homes Certification
  • LEED for Homes Certification
  • Blower Door Infiltration Testing for IECC Compliance
  • Duct System Leakage Testing for IECC Compliance.
  • Project Budget Optimization

We are ready and excited to assist you with your new construction or home improvement project. 

Please call us at (781) 790-5718, email us at energystar@sea.us.com for a free consultation or use our online form here.