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Ceiling Fan FAQs

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Are they Evil??

Ceiling fans would seem, at first glance, to be a smart tool in the overall mix of your home's energy efficency equipment. But too few know that their real value is when they're blowing on people--and many experts say they're essentially worthless and counterproductive if people aren't present in the home. Carl Seville, a Green Building Consultant and expert from Atlanta, wrote a provocatively named post recently: Ceiling Fans are Evil on the Green Building Advisor blog.

Here's a direct quote: "I am not suggesting that we should not use ceiling fans — just that they shouldn’t be on if no one is in the room. If people only use them when necessary and set their thermostat a bit higher, then the extra heat is a small price to pay for the comfort and energy savings."

Do you leave your fans on when no one is home?

Should I use them during the winter? 

You might say no - I mean, most of us hear 'ceiling fan' and think 'cooling off in summer.'  But is that really their only use?  ENERGYStar says no... http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=ceiling_fans.pr_ceiling_fans_usage and points out that direction is everything.  (how many of us have ever used that direction switch? It's there, might be dusty, but it's there...)  

This video explains it a little more:

Blade Size... Does it matter? 

The nice people at Freshen Up Your Home seem to think it does.  And they have a point - the goal is to push air, and like any fan you should match it to your room size.  Position plays a big part in it too - off center might look nice, but it's robbing you of valuable savings!  You installed the fan to save you money after all.   http://freshenupyourhome.com/ceiling-fans-do-the-blades-make-a-difference/