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Give Santa a Soft Landing with a Chimney Balloon!

santa coming out of a chimneyNobody wants to hurt Santa Claus, but we can't help but wonder about all the damage that we must be doing to him by making him land on closed chimney flues, piles of wood, or whatever else lies at the bottom of a chimney when he comes tumbling down.

Which is why we recommend installing a chimney balloon, an energy-saving device that you install in your chimney to prevent warm air from escaping up into the outdoors. Certainly, Santa's weight would be enough to dislodge a chimney balloon from the chimney, and then he'd land right on top of it in the middle of the fire place, safe and sound.

Of course, helping out Santa isn't the only reason to invest in a chimney balloon for your home. It's a low-cost device that saves you money on energy bills, reduces drafts, and improves the comfort of your home. They're also really easy to install, and easy to remove when you decide it's time to cozy up to a nice warm fire in your fireplace.

Happy holidays!